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Ronald Vincent Peter Schmets


14 June 1962 at the Austrian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands


HAVO (Higher Level General Secondary Education)

KABK Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, graphic and typographic design with a major in photography AKV|St. Joost in Breda, photography


Twenty years working as a photographer and visual artist specialising in people

Projects and exhibitions

September 2009: Sequel to ‘FEMINA SANCTA’, De Galerie, The Hague (Netherlands)

January 2009: ‘FEMINA SANCTA’, Envie d’Art, Paris (France)
October 2008: Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2008: ‘FEMINA SANCTA’, De Galerie, The Hague (Netherlands)
June 2006: ‘Baroque Blue’, Lecce (Italy)
2005: Sent 32 works to Los Angeles for an exhibition planned in Laguna Beach (USA) at the end of 2006
2005: KunstRai, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2004: ‘Ode aan de Hofvijver’ (‘Ode to the Hofvijver’), expo involving 172 artists, The Hague (Netherlands)
2004: ‘The Ultimate Tribute to Women’, Supperclub. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
September 2002: ‘Art Salon’, Hoorn (Netherlands)
September 2002: ‘Icons of Prague’, National Theatre, Prague (Czech Republic)
May 2002: Winner of the Salvador Dali Award 2002, Prague (Czech Republic)
May 2002: ‘Icons of Prague’, Galerie Miro, Prague (Czech Republic)
2001: ‘New Icons’, La Grande Arche, Paris (France)
2000: ‘Nieuwste Iconen’ (‘Newest Icons’), Galerie Lantink, The Hague (Netherlands)
2000: Nominated for the prestigious ABC Annual Award
1999: ‘Nieuwe Iconen’ (‘New Icons’), Vondelkerk Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1993-present: Working as a visual artist and advertising and fashion photographer for companies and organisations such as KPN Mobile, Fortis, Erasmus MC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Philip Morris, Orange, UK Paper, Connexxion, Kneipp, the Dutch Tax Authorities, The Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the Municipal Museum in The Hague, Veronica Magazine (a weekly television magazine) and Body and Mind (Netherlands) (a glossy monthly magazine).
1993: ‘De gedachten zijn vrij’ (‘Thoughts are free’), series printed in book form (Netherlands).
1989: ‘House’, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1989: ‘Acid House’, Nieuwe Revu (weekly magazine) and Club Veronica (youth magazine) (Netherlands)
1988: ‘Leids studentenleven’ (‘Student Life in Leiden’), Leiden University (Netherlands)
1988: ‘Hip Hop’, Galerie INKT, The Hague (Netherlands)
1988: ‘Den Haag bij Nacht’ (‘The Hague at Night’), City Hall, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the hall of the Central Station in The Hague (Netherlands)
1987: ‘Vom Schriftgiessen’ (‘Type Founding’), Darmstadt, Frankfurt and the German Museum in Munich (Germany)


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