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Schmets - Femina Sancta 2008

Saintly women swathed in fluttering robes play a leading role in Ronald Schmets’ work. Visions of the feminine as virgin, lover and mother – a power that men will never possess. Schmets’ latest series, FEMINA SANCTA, pays tribute to saintly women such as Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Saint Theresa and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, all of whom are depicted in Renaissance style 2008.

The methods and techniques that Schmets uses give his work a unique look that is immediately recognisable. His original pencil sketches result in images that sometimes consist of up of 35 different photographs. The images are printed on metallic paper, which is stuck on dibont and embedded in synthetic resin to give each image its own unique look.


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Gallery De Galerie in The Hague, Netherlands  |  Gallery Project 2.0 in The Hague, Netherlands